The Home of Gourmet Meringues

Welcome to Meringue O Mania where we combine our passion for quality with great taste to bring you a unique range of mouth-watering, handmade mini-meringues. Each bite size treat is packed full of flavour, perfectly light, sublimely fluffy and with a satisfying crunch.

With no less than 42 flavours to choose from, your taste buds will be tingling.

But it’s not just your taste buds we aim to please. Our mini-meringues are so light that an average 25 gram bag containing 12 meringues, is less than 75 calories – that’s just 7 calories each. 

As well as being a low calorie treat, our mini-meringues offer a healthier and more satisfying alternative to other sugary snacks. This is because we use quality ingredients- fruit, nuts, spices - in generous proportions which means we don't have to rely on sugar for taste.  So you might be surprised to learn that a bag of four 'MoM' mini-meringues contains less than one teaspoon of sugar.

What’s more, almost all Meringue O Mania recipes are wheat-free and dairy-free but we’ve also created gluten-free recipes in 31 flavours, so now even more customers can enjoy these tasty treats.

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